Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jane Hamlyn video

Here's a nice video with Jane Hamlyn, featuring her beautiful salt glazed work as well as the collection of a very well known British collector.

Well, I'm happy to report that after yesterday mornings funk, I lit a fire under myself and wound up having a very busy and productive day. The sourdough starter got fed, pizza dough was made for tonight's dinner, breakfast made, overnight emails read and answered, etc.etc..After lunch I headed to the studio and uncovered the little soda kiln and vacuumed out the mice poop and shelled sunflower seeds. How did that mouse climb up into a stainless steel covered kiln on a stand with wheels. He would have had to vertically climb up the metal legs of the stand and then come up through one one of the burner ports in the base - pretty athletic little rodent! After dinner I did some computer work and before bedtime I did the first step prep for this mornings sourdough pancake breakfast.

I got the kiln 2/3rds loaded after cleaning and checking the burners. Since I  needed a couple more pots to top it off, after dinner I got a small batch of a blue accent glaze weighed out and decorated a mug. Because I didn't have any liner glazes made, and was fading a bit, I called it a night and wound down the evening with some computer work, while Jim was blissfully, engrossed in football.

Today I need to make a small bucket of my bright blue celadon liner and  find a couple of small, low items to top off the kiln. I'll head to the studio right after breakfast, instead of using that time to do some early dinner prep.  

If I can get those pots lined and dried overnight, I'll be able to fire tomorrow. If not, Tuesday, will work just as well, since the forecast for the whole week is sunny and in the 70's. Life is good!


  1. Those darn mice can get into anything. We store our packing boxes for shows in our trailer. We always find mice evidence (or the mice themselves) in the boxes, even though the door is shut tight at all times. Have a good firing!

  2. Thank Michele! I once had a mouse take some insulating fiber and made a nest inside one of my burners. The mouse was sitting in the nest and when she saw me she literally catapulted out of there. I don't know who was more shocked, her or me!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. She is one of my favorite potters but have never seen or heard her.