Saturday, October 12, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy

 My beautiful son Sean treated me to another tour guided fishing trip on the Rogue with him yesterday. We had the most amazing time. The weather was perfect, the steelhead were biting and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drifted down to the next likely fishing spot. We saw deer, a heron, and a lot of ducks and well as hundreds of spawning salmon. Since they removed some of the man made dams, there are a lot more salmon making it up the river.

The river was very generous yesterday. Here's our guide Curtis holding one of the big 3 steelhead I caught. This one had to go back since it was a native; but I have a couple of others that were hatchery, therefore, legal keepers, that are in the fridge and freezer.

I'm holding up 2 fingers to indicate this was my second catch. For some reason the other photos just won't load straight up. I even rotated them a couple of times - a suggestion I found on google. It worked with this one but not the others. It's very weird that Blogspot doesn't have a rotate option for photos after all this time and all the complaints.

With our son here for the weekend I'm not getting any studio time, which is probably just as well.I was pretty sore around my incision after mixing and sieving a bucket of clear glaze and  white slip, glazing a couple of pots and then cleaning up. Afterwards, I realized that I should have stuck with my initial plan to mix up some cone 10 liner glazes. Instead, when I got into the studio, it became evident that I needed to at least glaze a couple of the decorated, bisqued pots and free up some table space. Sean leaves on Sunday afternoon , so I'll be back in the studio then for a couple of hours before dinner. 

Right now I need to start on potato salad for tonight's pulled pork barbecue dinner.


  1. Looks like the recipe for a great day.Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I had a pain pill with me but was thrilled that I didn't have to take it. We only did the half day trip which was plenty.

  3. That's a nice looking fish! Good to hear that you are back out there and enjoying life.

  4. Thanks Michele! That's tonight's dinner.

  5. What a great way to spend a beautiful day. to you tell hatchery from native steelheads? Do they wear little ID Tags?

  6. No tags. The hatchery fish have clipped fins.