Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Miracles do happen

Wonder of wonders - Jim loved the brussel sprout dish, and this from a self described brussel sprouts hater. I guess the added bacon and shallots made the difference. Guess what vegetable we'll be having more often!

The sun is shining and I got after breakfast to thin out my over abundance of plastic planting pots. I still can't gear down from having 11 acres of potential planting space, to living in a golf community, on a postage stamp sized, lot. Today was the day to come back to reality and leave only enough (well maybe a few extra), plastic pots for next years seedlings.

My overnight email is done, I've saved the world on Facebook, or so I like to tell myself, and I'm heading to the kitchen to make a half of a leftover, pork cutlet sandwich lunch and then on to the studio to do whatever gets catches my first! I know that I have at least four choices that could use my immediate attention.


  1. Glad Jim converted, The recipe you used is tasty in an omelet too. I was going to say fritata but apparently I can't spell it.

  2. I'm not sure I can spell fritata either Dennis, since spell check isn't good with non English cooking terms; but it sounds like it would be great in a fritata. Our daughter made us her asparagus fritatta last time she was here and it was fabulous. Jim is an egg slut, so any kind of eggs dish goes over well with him..