Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cone 6 stoneware as possible sub for earthenware

The past couple of days has been spent resting up after the soda firing and getting out and about for grocery and  other shopping, and doing some Cone 6 research.  We had the exterminator here for the whole day on Thursday and the handyman here yesterday and he'll be coming back again tomorrow. I picked up some liquid wrench, so maybe I can get him to access that pilot burner that's back burning so I can check it out and clean it out.

One of the things I did the other day was get to the pottery supply store and pick up a few things and look at their fired clay samples. Here's the Georgie's cone 6 clay body Cinnamon, which looks like it could be a good option for cone 6 to give the look of earthenware, but making it a more sturdy body, less likely to weep, leak or pick up mold. This clay looks even redder and nicer than this photo.

This morning was for ordering some vitamins and doing email and the never ending computer cleanup. with the Women's tennis championship semi finals in the background. I also have some of the last plum tomatoes to skin and make into a quick sauce for the freezer.This afternoon I'll be getting out to plant some perennials - my first time digging in the garden since before the surgery. We're coming to the end of a warm spell, and the night time temperatures have been getting too close to the freezing mark, so it's time to plant these few stragglers and some garlic  today and if my energy holds, do some cleanup of the containers and raised beds.

By Monday I'll be ready to get back to the studio and switch to the earthenware pots which need glazing and decorating.  By mid November I'd like to get some pots up on Etsy; but first I'll need to find a place to set up my light box and lights. I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as retirement for potters and gardeners.


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