Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tonkatus night

I promised Jim a nice dinner, so I'm making tonkatsu tonight, which is a pounded thin pork chop, dipped lightly in flour and then in beaten egg and coated with panko crumbs. It's one of our favorites.  I'm also making a dish I found on line and one that I hope he'll at least tolerate - roasted brussel sprouts with a bacon, garlic, shallots and a wine vinaigrette. He's not a fan of brussel sprouts but the recipe got raves from people who said they've never liked them either, so I'm hoping for the best.

It's a beautiful day and if I didn't have this cooking and paperwork to do I'd be out front planting the last 3 perennials; but that can wait a few days when we'll have an even warmer day than today. I did get out for a few minutes just to plant some Japanese maple seeds that I've been collecting around town.

We're expecting a freeze tonight so I've got one of my raised beds covered to protect my winter lettuce and arugula.  I'll get out there before sundown and pick the last of the tomatoes. If they don't ripen, I'll just make fried green tomatoes in a couple of days.

The studio is calling but I just have too much to do around here right now. Yesterday I spent the entire morning on the phone re-dialing forever before the lines opened up. I was calling the U.S. government office of Personnel Management to find out what I have to do to claim a small life insurance and annuity that my late uncle left me.  I'm absolutely sure, it's a very small amount, but the paperwork that is needed to make the claims isn't. Yesterday Jim drove into town to get  multiple copies of death, birth and marriage certificates. Now I just have to fill in some of the copies for us so we can get the originals in the mail tomorrow.

Time  for me to get a piece of cheese and fruit for lunch and get my blood sugar up before I start reading the small print on those legal papers again.


  1. What time do we eat? That's Pacific time right? Sounds great.I've been loving pan roasted brussel sprouts lately. Didn't like them as a kid. Didn't like spinach either. Since I learned you don't have to boil them to death my attitude has done a complete 180 !

  2. Dinner is served around 5:15 tonight. I think a lot of people hate brussel sprouts because, as a child, they were served mushy, over boiled ones. I hope Jim like this recipe, if not, there will be more for me :-)