Monday, October 21, 2013

Soda kiln firing

Yesterday was another woman/man plans and God laughs studio day. After a big breakafast I headed to the studio with the intent of making my bright blue, celadon base liner glaze and a tiny batch of my amber celadon accent glaze. Unfortunately, after getting buckets labeled, and recipes in hand, I found that I didn't have any Alberta Slip. No problem, since I knew I had some Albany slip. Oops, spoke too soon. Unfortunately the Albany was nowhere to be found. I doubt if I would have given that away, so where did it disappear to????

Since the pottery supply store is closed on Sunday, I had to go back to square one. Fortunately I found a couple more glazed pots that just needed some accent glaze. So I batched a tiny bit of my oribe for that, unloaded the the partly loaded kiln and started over with a new group of pots and some of the originals. By four o'clock the kiln was loaded and shut and ready to fire today.

I also manged to get a lot more pots wadded for another firing before I called it a day at 4 o'clock and came in to do the veggie prep for the pizza and make a batch of margaritas. The new pizza dough was a hit with Jim. It was the closest to what I've been looking for which is a New York style crust - thin, slightly crispy bottom, yet foldable.

I had the kiln turned on low before 6:30 this morning. Firing is the job of the day other than wadding more pots and making draw rings and cone packs for the next firing  - good sit down jobs on firing day. Jim will bring home some Chinese take out for dinner. I don't cook when I'm firing and Jim can't cook, but he gives good takeout.. Time now to turn the kiln up.

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  1. Hope the firing goes well, always good to read of another kiln loaded and ready to fire. Agggggh the desperate hunt for Alberta/Albany slip, why is it that such things conspire to go missing in the last few hours before a firing!?