Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nice little decorating video from Ben Carter

Here's a nice little decorating video from Ben Carter.

Never made it to the studio yesterday. My bread took forever to rise. I suspect my sour dough starter had gone a bit too long before feeding.  It  took twice as long, but it finally rose and was pulled out of the oven by the time we were sitting down to dinner. That's a long rise!

I got involved in other things (mainly computer related) while I watched the political craziness coverage, and never made it to the studio and won't today either. With so few, good, warmish days in the forecast, Jim suggested we take a drive to the mountains, have lunch and smell the pines. Sounds good to me!

The drive toward Crater Lake has some lovely scenery along the way, and a there's decent little mountain restaurant that has a passable menu. They're also noted for their great pies. So we'll have our big meal of the day there and share one portion of pasta with bolognese sauce when we get home. I'm still using up some dinners I cooked and froze for Jim before my surgery, so today's big lunch paves the way for one big serving of the pasta for us to share for dinner. We won't go hungry because we'll probably bring a piece of pie home for dessert. My choice will be Oregon wild blueberry if it's on menu. It won't be like my grand mothers, but it should be good if they live up to their reputation.

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  1. I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. Have a great drive through the mountains today.