Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Back, and almost raring to go

My post surgery  "no studio or heavy work for 8 weeks" ends today. I thought I'd be feeling better before this, but the extent of the surgery and my healing ability at my age, and a couple of other health glitches has prolonged it. A bladder infection and then extreme nausea,  which we suspect may be a result of the antibiotics killing all the good intestinal flora, is now being treated with probiotics and yogurt three times a day. I'll know in another four or five days if these have worked, otherwise we'll have to keep looking elsewhere for the cause.

Fortunately, I only experience that  nausea when I have an empty stomach and  stand for  more than about 15-20 minutes; but am fine sitting or lying down - truly bizarre and not fun at all. So I did most of my food prep while sitting  and we've had some very nice meals since I figured that out. Reading, computer clean up and repair and cooking has been the extent of my activities the past two weeks.

I've been able to clean up all my photo files on one computer and have made a big dent on the ones in this old Dell, which I got up an running after one blue screen of death after another. The computer still has problems; but after deleting some programs the blue screen of death has not showed it's ugly face for the past couple of days, and I got my Norton anti virus software working again and got a full backup on to the new 3T external hard drive. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief  for a while.

Today I'll try to finish cleaning up photos on this Dell and get my iPod and iPad updated with the new software. Tomorrow I'll get back in the studio and weigh out a couple of small batches of liner glazes for the soda pots. Now that we're getting cool weather, it's time to think about being ready for the next 3 days of clear skies for another soda firing in my tiny Olympic kiln. I'm almost raring to go!


  1. Glad to hear you are healing .Good luck kicking the rest of it.

  2. Antibiotics can sure do a number on your stomach. I hope that the probiotics and yogurt do the trick.

  3. Thanks MIchele. They had me on antibiotics after the surgery and then a couple of weeks later I was on another one for a bladder infection that probably came from the catheter I had after surgery. It amounted to a double whammy. After 3 days on the yogurt and probiotics, it seems to be working, or at least I didn't have any severe nausea even after standing about twenty minutes while shopping two days ago. I'll keep up the yogurt for another couple of days, and stay on the probiotics. Never want to experience that level of nausea again.