Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Computers and generators

Still not quite finished with the photo cleanup on my old Dell laptop, so I'll continue that this morning and when and if that's completed, I'll try to get the iPod touch and iPad synched. Completed or not, after lunch, I'll head to the studio to batch up a couple of liner glazes. 

I've also been doing research the past couple of days on generators and we finally made our choice this morning - the Honda EB6500S. At our age, the extra cost for the electric start with the manual back up is the way to go. Some of the lesser priced ones produce pretty dirty energy which can fry your flat screen TV's, computers, etc. And we have several dealers only 15 minutes from our house who sell and service these which is also a consideration.

This Rogue Valley has had long outages in the past (I'm talking 5 days or so), so going with the more expensive, better rated unit seemed like the best choice. I also found that you can get an electrician to connect it to the main power box so that my almost 80 year old husband nor I,  have to be pulling refrigerators and heavy furniture away from the walls, and running long extensions cords to everything.

As you deal with some of the limitations of being older, it's a blessing to have options available that reduce your physical as well as mental stress levels. As I often say "aging is not for sissies".

Time to make some oatmeal for breakfast on this cold morning. Temperatures are hovering slightly above freezing and so am I.


  1. Generators are a terrific addition to any house and well worth the cost. They give peace of mind too.
    We also use an 800watt power inverter that runs off the car. Great when the power is off for a day or so.
    It sounds like you are getting ready to return to your studio!

  2. I'll be getting in the studio this afternoon for a bit. I just put a pumpkin pie in the oven so when that and lunch are done, I'll will get a couple of hours. That will be a good, slow start.