Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Throwing cream cheese - oops, I mean porcelain

Jim suggested we put off taking the little Olympic test  gas kiln apart until I get the casters and find someone to do the welding, so instead I managed a couple of hours of studio time to throw some cups, mugs, and a small teapot with the too soft, porcelain, reclaim.  It was so wet that I was practically throwing dry. I'll throw some plates and shallow bowls with the remainder twenty five or thirty pounds and then get back to stoneware.

Kitty Bonnie, decided for the first time, to actually spend more than  a minute or two in the studio and it was only when she found the papers on my desk intriguing enough to start knocking them down, that I literally showed her the door. Next time I'll be ready with the squirt bottle to zap her when she starts looking for mischief.

Time to feed kitty, hit the shower and get ready for dinner.

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