Friday, September 17, 2010

Terra Sig and test tiles

Heavy duty studio morning yesterday making two different batches of OM#4 terra sig. Four gallons on the left are done traditionally with the old Calgon and one on right it supposed to be a 3 hr version done with Darvan 7. After 4 hrs I didn't notice any difference, and haven't checked it yet this morning.

My back went into spasm after days of straining it with all those tests and then making and cleaning up after the terra sig, so I didn't get to make the other batches of tests on my list. After a short rest to let my back quiet down, I opted to pick all the ripe cherry tomatoes and make a pasta puttenesca sauce for dinner. Puttanesca was named after the ladies of the evening in Italy, who made this quick, tasty, easy sauce between clients. While sauce was cooking I mixed up a batch of no knead sourdough which I'll be baking  once it's finished rising in the next 1/2 - 1hr.

With an osteo treatment this afternoon I may not get any studio time today unless I can squeeze in an hour after the bread is done. There's always so much to I'd like to do and not enough time and limited energy to do it all!

Good thing I didn't fire the kiln yesterday. It poured last night and into the early morning hours, which would have been a disaster with a non covered, cooling kiln in the driveway. Next week the forecast is sunny most of the week, so I have plenty of time to finish batching those tests this weekend and may even manage to get in two firings - one with just test tiles and the other with re-fires from the pallet kiln that didn't get enough soda.

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