Monday, September 06, 2010

Moving at a snails pace

Woke up with chills, headache and explosive tummy, so I'm moving at a snails pace this morning. There's a bunch of tomatoes that I need to blanch and skin, make a batch of pizza sauce and get that in the freezer. After that's done I'll head to the studio to put together and trim and sign the  few porcelains pots I had time to throw yesterday.

Yesterday morning I used some heavy duty tin snips to cut the pieces of metal roofing to protect the small gas test kiln from the wind. Unfortunately, I could only get enough from that big piece to cover 3 sides of the kiln, but I figure I can lean some bricks and a kiln shelf near one side; or maybe get the piece of scrap metal friend Shane offered me the other day.

I was hoping to bisque that little kiln  this morning; but not feeling well has put that off till the next free, sunny days with no possible rain in the forecast. Water is boiling - time to blanch all those plum tomatoes.

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