Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waxed pots and Sunday dinner

Got this small batch of porcelain pots cleaned up, waxed and covered and ready for slipping tomorrow. After some studio clean up, I came in to start on a roast chicken dinner. I made honey ginger carrots and mashed potatoes with the potatoes from our garden - an heirloom variety called "Bintje" - very tasty, big, all purpose potato. I'm not sure it will replace my favorites - Red Pontiac, but I wanted to try a couple of other varieties this season.

At my grandmothers house, Sunday dinner was always around 2 o'clock; but I couldn't make it that early today; but we were sitting down and eating a little after 4. Now I'm going to rest this aching lower back, drink my Cakebread chardonnary, and  make some glaze/decorating notes and maybe read some of the Gail Nichols "Soda, Clay and Fire" book. I perused the book when I first got it but didn't delve too deeply. It looks like a wealth of information  with great charts on clay body tests, her firing methods, etc.

I'd love to be able to get in the studio later but I think my back is voting for sitting still for the rest of the day, and maybe watching the men's final of the US Open if the rain in New York stops soon.

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