Friday, September 03, 2010

7 am studio time

At 7 am I headed to the studio to make a few more porcelain bridges with the Helios reclaim. Hopefully it will dry enough to at least throw a few plates or shallow bowls later. In the future if I'm tempted to work with porcelain, I'll batch some with some ball clay to make it more of a porcelainous type white stoneware.

Time to hit the shower, have a light breakfast, check the garden and harvest the days veggies before it gets too hot, and then head to the studio for a few hours work; but after lunch I want to get the ratatouille sauce made for tonight's pasta dinner, then I can get back to the studio for a couple of hours before dinner. I find that if I work to the last minute, I'm too tired to stand in the kitchen and food prep and cook for an hour, so getting all, or some of dinner prep done early works well for me.

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