Tuesday, September 14, 2010

45 test tiles and more to go

Test tile marathon should be finished by tomorrow. Each test is on 2 or 3 different clay bodies. I thought I might have room for some re-fires in the small, gas, test kiln, but it looks like there won't be room for them by the time I finish batching the rest of the tests.

Time to sit back and read my snail mail, then give Bonnie Kitty some play time. She has decided that she would like to be a studio kitty if I leave the studio door open and she can come and go at her own convenience. That won't work in another month or so; but by then she might be satisfied to stay put for a few hours. So far we've only have one kitty mug casualty - not too bad a start.


  1. Those are some nice test tiles; do you make them with an extruder or by hand. They remind me of the ones I made for my cone 10 work which I just unpacked. A friend had an extruder and it made short work of making a whole bunch of them at once.

  2. I hope you get some good results! Once I get started making test tiles, I have a hard time stopping...just one more recipe...

  3. They're thrown Linda. I probably should make a die so I could extrude them, since I have a pneumatic extruder; but I think I just enjoy throwing them.

  4. Karl, that is so true! Today I'm going to try to limit myself to three or four tests and I'm not even sure I'll have room in this 4 cu ft gas test kiln for all of them.

  5. June, that's what my friend had a pneumatic extruder and I loved it for east of making the L shaped test tiles.