Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fork Mt Pottery sale

Headed out early yesterday morning for another great potter show/sale at Fork Mountain Pottery, Bakersville,North Carolina. Here are a couple of pictures of the exquisite work of Suze Lindsay, Kent McLaughlin, Gay Smith and guest potter Silvie Granatelli.

Even though I felt there was no room in the house for any more pots, I bought 4 of them - a square dinner plate and salad plate of Suze's, the white basket in the photo with Gay Smith, and a small bowl of Silvie Granatelli.And miracle of miracles, we actually found suitable space for them! There is a huge selection of rather spectacular work there and if you can get over there today, you would be treating yourself big time!

I got a bit of studio time in the afternoon to trim a couple of porcelain dinner plates, get more porcelain reclaim drying and  threw a test yunomi with the slightly firmer porcelain. This clay is very well aged and if firmed up enough is throwing well. I was back in the studio at 7am this morning, (it was 45 F out there this morning), getting some of that soft porcelain into a few bridges to dry some more. Today, I'd like to finish up this clay so I  can start dipping and decorating some of the leather hard pots and later in the week get back to stoneware.

At some point this morning I might just get that gas test kiln out on to the driveway, load it  and do a bisque while it's on the metal wheeled cart. After researching the current Olympic models with wheels, I see that getting casters on those legs is a bigger job that I originally thought. The legs on those newer models have extra metal pieces on the base and one side so the casters can be welded to the bottom. I'll have to find a metal shop that can cut and weld similar pieces and the casters.

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