Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is the stone fountain in front of my studio. The snow covered bamboo spout creates an interesting look.

Everything is covered again with new snow. More rain and snow are predicted for later, so it's going to be another sit tight couple of days with all the ice and snow in the forecast through Thursday.

I never did make it to the studio yesterday - spent all morning doing dinner prep (a really tasty turkey meatloaf dinner). The seed ordering took me all afternoon and evening. I went through a dozen seed catalogs and ordered seeds and plants from 9 of them.

There was also a problem to solve with my Paint shop pro which has stopped working after the latest Windows 7 Pro fixes. So this morning I had to get on line and find and order the Photoshop Elements 9 which I know ,works with Windows 7, since I downloaded a trial copy two weeks ago. Now I'll have to learn a whole new software.

There were also grandchildren birthday presents to order this morning. Now that all this is done, I'll be heading to the studio for the rest of the day.


  1. I really enjoy looking and exploring your website and viewing your blog and photos. I had Paint Shop Pro as well and it too crashed after the great Windows 7 update. Now it just "kinda works" but is soooo slow to respond and often won't let me save in a format I want. It's sad because it was a great program to edit pics with.

    Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

  2. Mine worked for a while and now it won't load at all and Windows is saying there's no fix.I might just try to reload it this morning and see if that changes anything.

  3. I know what ya mean. I kinda just gave up after removing and replacing it several times. It seems when I upgraded to Windows 7, several drivers and applications crashed or completely shut down. Several programs, especially graphic programs I used to edit pics for website design have given me several errors. Even my webcam no longer works because of the upgrade.

    I contacted Windows and HP for these issues and they both told me that they haven't come out with a fix as well or an update but to keep watching for an upgrade in the future.

    My Kodak printer even went on the fritz for a bit after the update but Kodak was helpful enough to quickly send me an update for its programs and drivers that made it all work.

    For the first time ever, I've really been considered changing to a different type of computer (possibly Mac) that has a more stable platform and operating system.