Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years day

Hope everyone had a lovely New Years celebration. Jim and I had a delicious, 5 course, early dinner at the Knife and Fork, and got home in time to watch the Lincoln center concert on PBS. We lasted till 11:30 which is late for us, but couldn't make it till midnight; but did catch a peek of an area in Russia welcoming in the New Year.

We started the New Year this morning with fresh squeezed orange juice from the lovely box of citrus fruits Jim's niece and husband brought when they visited from Florida Thursday. That cold spell they had just made the fruit sweeter!

Our plan for this windy, rainy day,is to relax, watch the Rose Bowl parade (me), and the football (Jim). I'll try to do  some web page cleanup, maybe go through the new seed and garden catalogs that arrived the other day, and make a New Years day Fettuccine with sauteed onion, mushrooms and black forest ham slices.

Jim, our in house, wine steward, will be opening the wine our Sean sent us - an '07 Colgin, (in Wine Spectators top 3 last year or the year before). Needless to say we're very much looking forward to tonight's dinner!

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing, yet fun filled day to start the New Year!

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  1. Todd Schuster1/1/11, 2:29 PM

    Happy New Year June. Sounds like you & Jim enjoyed your dinner with friends yesterday. I happened to go out with my friend at a catering hall just down the road where we live. Over 200 people showed up & cut the rug on the dance floor. Good time had by all. I'll always remember the Card Shark episode when Jim mentioned the G2T2 (the machine that had the survey questions) had the bag of ice over it after having too much too drink HA HA. Anyway, hope you have a great New Year both of you. Enjoy the fettucine tonight, I'm going to grab some whole wheat pasta myself. Good comfort food on a night where nothing goes on. Back to reality on Monday, the dead of winter rearing it's ugly head. But before you know it, spring will be here. BE well.