Monday, January 24, 2011

Light blanket of snow this morning

Woke up to a light but lovely coating of snow this morning which is disappearing very fast.

Not much to blog about, pottery wise. Yesterday was an all day headache day, so I spent time on paper work - noting glaze recipes,filing emails, writing out recipe cards - all those mundane chores you save for those slow down days.

This morning is a smorgasbord of activities.I'm baking bread, and dealing with various paperwork projects. I found a list of various traditional pizzas, i.e, Napolitana, New York style, etc., using bakers percentages which I had to convert ounces, then grams - just one of those time consuming little jobs that pile up. I love Ron Slagle's pizza dough recipe, but I want to see if I can find a recipe for the type of pizza dough I had in New York while growing up. It would be nice to have an alternate recipes for a change of pace.

Next on the list is a few glaze recipes I need to check on my glaze chemistry software. That will be followed with planting some artichoke seeds. Hopefully, by starting this early, I'll have better luck this year and actually get some fruit!

Another job on my days "to do" list is to get my Nikon digital camera and book out today and find out why I'm not able to get clear focus. If I can solve that problem I'll shoot some more pots. And then there's software to install on my other laptop. There's also some new software to install and old software to re-install on my laptops.

Jim is bringing home some Chinese takeout for dinner, so I'll have plenty of time to complete all these little jobs.

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  1. Over the past year, my kitchen stove has been slowly failing and getting sicker and sicker, until it was finally unable to keep a good warm/hot temperature. After seeing your Pizzas the other day and how great they looked, I finally decided to get me a new convection oven yesterday so that I could cook some great dishes too! It worked so good and we had a wonderful meal with friends for my birthday yesterday! Now, I'm going to try to find me a great pizza recipe to make from scratch and maybe, just maybe it'll look as appetizing as your pizzas! I love the thick crust!