Monday, January 03, 2011

Hamada Shoji slide show

You tube is such a treasure for these slide shows and videos of long gone great like Hamada, Cardew, Leach, Voulkos, etc.

As for me, I'm still winding down from the holidays, and doing computer work and cooking while waiting for my thumb to heal. Yesterday I did some delayed Christmas, cookie baking and tried a new Cuban, black bean chili. It was pretty easy prep, chopping a bit of onion and using canned beans and a can of spicy Rotil tomatoes; and it was excellent - definitely a keeper recipe.

Jim is slowing taking down the Christmas decorations, but leaving the tree for last. It's always a bit sad when the last vestiges of Christmas are gone and the living room is back to normal.

In between cooking yesterday, I spent hours on cleaning up one of my old websites just using the editors on the host site. It will be my evening job for quite a while until I can figure out the problems with my own software or just create a whole new site. If I understood HTML it would be a lot easier and quicker.

As for today, I'll try to get into the studio to do a bit organizing before I go through my sketches and throwing/making list.

If this thumb isn't up for throwing, I'll put the slab roller and extruder to work. Friend Shane and I want to fire my larger soda firing in February, so I need to start making pots, one way or another.


  1. When I lived in Utah, I took down the "Christmas" decorations after the holidays but left up the greens and lights through March as Winter decorations. When it's cold and snowy and dark season I think we need to celebrate life and light!

  2. In S. California, many of the restaurant have those lovely, little white light on the trees and shrubs in front of the restaurants, lit all year long. I love that!
    Did you get your pots? I didn't see any Etsy feedback.