Monday, January 10, 2011

Buddha's snow hat

I love when my studio Buddha wears his snow hat. Shortly after I took this shot, the wind blew it off; but it's snowing again, so he'll soon have another hat. It's going to be fierce out there- snow, followed by sleet and a sheet of ice later today.

Jim and I got out after the driveway was cleared yesterday and we able to pick up mail and Jim's niece's chemo medicine, and do grocery shopping for her and ourselves. Our local road wasn't too bad, and the main roads were well cleared. With all the snow in the forecast through Thursday, it looks like we'll be nesting again till Friday.

This morning I got in the kitchen really early and chopped and sauteed all the veggies for tonight's turkey meatloaf, got it put together so Jim can just pop it in the oven for me while I'm in the studio this afternoon.

Doing some seed ordering last night, I ound a new white cherry that blooms late which can avoid the problem we have here with late frosts which can wreck havoc with early blossoming cherries. I ordered that, 50 new strawberry plants and some veggie seeds, and a Goji berry to replace the one some critter ate last season. There are a dozen more catalogs to go through; but not much more to order since I still have a lot of seeds from last year.


  1. The Buddha snow hat snow hat.. it puts the Ha, back in Buddha!

  2. The snow is so beautiful! I'm sure your Buddha is enjoying it as well! He looks like he might need just one more layer of clothing! "haha" Sure hope your road are better than mine! Wish I could stay nestled up in the warm house but work is screaming tonight! Gotta go save lives! Hope the roads are decent tonight as well. Allen Davis