Friday, January 28, 2011

Interesting Cory Lum video on making plates

I've used this technique for small plates; but I'll have to try it for larger pieces as well.

We had another great dinner at the Tin Lizard pub in Spruce Pine last night. They have a new chef and new sous chef and the food was great.Everything was fresh and perfectly cooked. We shared the crab fritter appetizer again. It's served with a remoulade sauce with good attitude. Jim had the salmon poached in Riesling, topped with sauteed mushrooms and leek and baked en croute; and I had the lamb chops with a light curry seasoning. Brian, the chef, makes the very best carrot cake which Jim had last week. Last night he ordered the banana cheesecake that I had last time, and I chose the flourless, chocolate torte which was a super rich and very creamy - pure decadence! It's wonderful to have another, young, talented chef in the area.

I'll be heading for the studio for a few hours now. There were too many things to keep me out of the studio the past few days - mainly some major computer work and household and other chores that seemed to just eat up my day.


  1. How timely! I just bought a large block of foam this week to do this very thing! It looks like his wood pieces seem to have a pattern or slots cut in them.

  2. Very cool technique, June. I think I'd still use the slab roller for the flattening part however. Thanks for the post.

  3. i have never seen this technique, thank you for sharing the video. I think I have a big block of foam in the studio and if I can find it, you know what I will be doing tomorrow!