Saturday, January 15, 2011

Short break in the weather

The driveway got plowed late yesterday morning and Jim was able to get to town and pick up several days worth of mail, mail an etsy purchase for me and a few other chores. With all this snow we've had to take advantage of the odd, clear day, once a week or so, to get those in town chores done.

After a totally useless day in the studio Thursday, trying to work with a bad headache and trashing a couple of pots, followed by a bad night's sleep, I decided to take yesterday off and catch up with snail and email and bills. My new Adobe Paint Shop Elements 9 software arrived along with an Idiot book on how to use it; and that will keep me busy in the evenings for a while.

I wasn't thrilled having to buy a new photo editing software but my Paint shop Pro suddenly stopped working with the last Windows 7 update and the new Paint Shop Pro got horrible reviews, so I had no choice but to get the only other viable program in the same price range.

Time to get a loaf of whole wheat bread started early and then on to the studio after breakfast; and seafood dinner with friends later. Life is good.


  1. I can''t believe the amount of snow that NC has been getting. Spring will soon be here

  2. Hi June,

    I'm a Graphic/Web Designer and have a suggestion for you re: photo-editing.

    Consider a great, free Open Source equivalent of Photoshop called Gimp.

    There many fantastic Open Source programs that are comparable to many of the big brands.

    Kind Regards,

    Lisa J. Ellwood, Iconic Imagery Creative

  3. Thanks Lisa. I already purchased Photo Shop Elements; but I'll check out some of the links!