Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow tapering off

My day started early with a lovely 6am trek through the snow to the studio to cover a couple of pots I threw late yesterday, then packing a new Etsy purchase. Hopefully we'll get the driveway plowed today so Jim can get it to the post office later this afternoon.

The studio Buddha statue is sporting another lovely top hat and his body is about 80% shrouded with the snow. The snow is tapering off and there's even a glint of sun light peeking through. Looks like the weekend is free of snow, so we'll be able to get out to do some food shopping and other chores.

Today will be another full studio day - mainly trimming and some assembling and maybe even time to throw a couple more pots.

Dinner will be a simple London Broil with sauteed mushrooms, baked potato,and broiled tomatoes. That's as much cooking as I want to do on studio days. I prepped the veggies before breakfast and Jim will get the oven turned on at 4 so I eat my twelve almond lunch in the studio and work straight through, till 4:30 and have dinner on the table by 5. Life is good!

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  1. Snow has been causing a real problem here too, fortunately it seems to have gone for now but was a real problem getting my orders posted out! Its better if you can stay inside and get on with things.