Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pizza and margaritas again

I love having pizza and margaritas twice in a week. The leftover dough was better after a couple of days in the fridge - more flavorful.

Today was a studio day and I actually managed to get everything on my "to do" list done, other than putting a couple of handles on a platter which just wasn't dry enough. By the weekend I should be ready to start dipping and decorating this group of pots.

As soon as I finish this margarita I'll head back to the studio to clean up the test tiles I threw today, cover a couple of pots and close up for the night.

Tonight is "Top Chef", which we both enjoy. I fell asleep last week, so I'll watch the re-run before tonight's episode. Hope I can stay awake this week; but I wouldn't take bets on it after a double margarita .


  1. Todd Schuster1/19/11, 7:23 PM

    June, that pizza is making my mouth water. Looks delicious. I could have pizza 7 days a week if I wanted to. Anyway, back here in the NY area, getting over a bad icestorm with 1/2 inch of ice. Fortunately no power was lost. Now a possible 3-6 coming our way tomorrow night into Friday morning. I'm snow weary already & it's only January. Hope spring comes soon! You & Jim be well!

  2. that's one yummy looking pizza! i love homemade pizza twice in one week as well... we don't usually get to have margaritas with it though - usually wine.
    seems like lots of potters like to make pizza & breads... sort of goes hand in hand with clay :-)