Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pizza and margaritas night

We had a great seafood dinner with friends at the Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine last night. The owners are now heading to California till the end of February and will be sorely missed; but we're thrilled that they came from from their Florida vacation with all that lovely seafood for their customers. We all agreed that the tempura shrimp was the best we've ever hand, and the grouper and other shrimp dish was outstanding as well.

Decided to stay in today and make pizza and margaritas and catch up with weeks worth of magazines and the latest catalogs. All my springs seeds are ordered, so I'm just doing a cursory scan and the rest of these seed catalogs. In another week, I'll be starting some seeds, like artichokes and some perennials. I've cleared one of the six foot tables in the basement, so I'm set to go once the seeds arrive.

The Australian tennis starts in half an hour and we'll be watching that while I continue with the paper pile. Tomorrow I'll be back in the studio to do more throwing and maybe do some slab sushi and square plates/platters.


  1. Your dish looks so Good! Kinda make me a little jealous. Just got off work an all I've had all night were some crackers and a carton of juice!

    I want to take my girls to Kobe's Japanese in Hickory hopefully Tuesday evening, it's their favorite. I've been promising them that I would take them for a month but working has sure put me in a busy spot and it's been kinda hard to go anywhere after working so many 12 hour shifts in a row.

    Now that I'm all hungry, lets go get a bite to eat! Take care!

  2. I haven't had Japanese food in a long while. You're making my mouth water!