Saturday, June 15, 2013

Test tiles and garlic

After testing, testing, testing and a bucket full of slip and soda tests, I've thinned down to this small bowl. Some of these colors are what I want like the yellow on the left which is a richer slightly orange when double dipped. Problem it's a glaze with 8% stain and I'd really like it as a slip, preferably using either no stain or maybe stain with some rutile. Another possibility is to test a glaze with a smaller amount of the stain over a rutile slip to make it more cost efficient. So I need to explore those. The bright green is intended only as an accents in small doses on the exterior of some pots. Anything with that much copper is definitely not a food safe glaze, even more so in a low silica earthenware glaze.

Other than my clear glaze, I wanted a colored  glaze that I could use on my spiral mugs, and small spiral jars, buds vases, small creamers and sugars, etc. So the tealish blue one is a definite keeper. There are a couple of soft greens in the mix and I have to pick one to start, as a background slip for mugs and other small pots that will have sgrafitto, and underglaze additions. I also want to add a bit of copper to those to see if that will make them pop a tiny bit more.

My sketches are ready but I still need to finish these "have to" gardening chores today. I harvested most of the rest of my garlic this morning and got those cleaned up and as soon as I finish these buckwheat pancakes and shower I need to mix up some organic spray for my tomato plants and the ones at our sons house, and plant more pole beans for them.

By the time I get back from there I should get a bit of studio time to glaze and decorate a couple of pots before I start on dinner. I need a longer day or more energy. Come to think of it - both would be lovely!


  1. The buttery yellow is luscious!

    I am with you about needing more daylight and energy.

  2. It is a gorgeous yellow. Problem is, that on my computer it looks orange. I'll have to try to open it in another browser. Also, my quiet green on the right looks grey - nothing at all like the photo. The colors are true on the camera so I don't know what happens when they hit the blog.

  3. June, the colors satisfy on my browser. Just delicious. Can't wait to see your pots once you get your decorations going.

  4. Your colors look true on my MacBook. Have you tried your clay body in the microwave yet?

    1. I wouldn't use a red earthenware body in the microwave. Even some lighter colored bodies at other temperatures could be problematic over time if they have a high absorption rate and a glaze that has some crazing.

      I had a white bodied little Dansk pitcher with a clear glaze that I had for about 30 years which I used in the microwave to warm milk. One day when I went to take it out, I burned my hand. Over time the glaze had crazed a bit and the body was compromised. Needless to say, I discarded that pitcher.I was lucky it didn't explode in my hand.

      Knowing how microwaves alter food in a negative way, I rarely use one any more. Instead, I now heat up my milk and melt butter on the stove top and I got a really high quality toaster over that heats up very quickly and I use that instead of the microwave most of the time.