Thursday, June 06, 2013

Firing day

Turned the little Olympic on at 6:30 this morning, trying to candle it for an hour; but it shut off with that low of a flame, so I had to up the gas a hair. I have no idea how even it is or isn't since one of the thermocouples seems to be lagging behind. When I switched them, the temperature top to bottom reversed, so I guess I'll be firing by the seat of my pants and cones. I'll know better once Cone 08 starts moving in a couple of hours.

The WC pressure gauge is not showing any reading either, and giving it a few taps didn't do it either, so this is definitely doing to be an intuitive firing. I guess this little baby didn't like being outdoors all winter with just a tarp cover.

Jim's back was hurting him, so I went in the studio to get my magnetic belt for him (they really work); and when I pulled it off the shelf I couldn't see the little block of wood and another tidbit which came falling down on a couple of mugs on my wheel which were ready for decorating. They are now in the trash. Interesting morning. Hoping for a smoother afternoon and evening.

Time to check the kiln then catch up some snail mail.


  1. Is your Olympic an updraft?

    I just love the teapot and platter in the picture at the top of your blog.

  2. Thanks Anne. Yes, it is an updraft.