Sunday, June 16, 2013

A non stop day

Enjoying a lovely Frank Family Chardonnay after dinner. It's been a non stop day - turning on the tiny test kiln to re-fire some cone 03 glazes. They were too dry at 04, so I want to see how they'll do one cone higher.

I'm still wary about a cone 04 body and it's leak potential - the only reservation I have with this switch to earthenware.

After breakfast I got my watering done and prepped some of my dinner vegetables. There were garden chores to be done - pulling out some old lettuce and arugula and planting new lettuce starts, side dressing some veggies with more fertilizer and spraying some blossom set on the tomatoes. I've never used that before, so it will be interesting to see if I get more fruit. The birds were fed after that.. It took them a while to find the feeder and now they're coming in droves. Word got around fast.

Made some guacamole for lunch and then got the veggies cleaned that I use as a bed for roasting the chicken, got the chicken stuffed with orange wedges, apple, onion, garlic, herbs and seasoning, and back in the fridge.

Jim wanted an early dinner, and since it's Father's day, his wishes today were my command. So dinner was ready by 5:15.

Time for me to check the kiln, It should be off my now. If not I'll turn it up to high, then do some email. After the game is over we'll watch Inspector Morse. I bought two dvd's for Jim for Father's day. There's a very happy husband on the premises tonight.

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