Friday, June 14, 2013

Some eye candy Art Deco

Clarice Cliff did her "bizarre" ceramics, her term for her ground breaking designs at the time. Her career, starting in the early twenties, spanned over forty years. She was definitely unique and broke the rules of her time. Her use of color was fabulous.

As for me, it's been three days of doctors appointments, gardening and cooking. The water problem is still not solved, but after a meeting this morning with the fellow who maintains this system, I'm having him put in another valve - hopefully no later than Wednesday. That should increase pressure on the right side of the back so I won't have to spend all this time hand watering.

Yesterday after my gardening and watering chores, we drove to our son and daughter-in-laws where I planted some lettuce and another cherry tomato - a new variety that's the color of a dark bing cherry, hand watered, pulled some weeds and pinched out suckers from all the tomatoes, added compost and more soil to the leeks and harvested the peas. When I came home there were peas to clean, shell and then dinner to make. That took care of the day, other than some after dinner time for emails and sketching pot ideas.

My own garden needed some attention this morning - had to deal with little critters chewing up my potato leaves. Then I had to do a bit of research on what is attacking the tomatoes at our house and our sons place. Fortunately I have an organic spray material on hand that was recommend for this fungus, so after dinner I'll get mine sprayed and get over to their place tomorrow to do theirs.

I got in the studio for a few minutes this morning and yesterday morning to sort some of those test tiles and put a few things way. It was easy to eliminate many of the test colors from consideration - too light, too dark, or just plain "YUK". Now that lunch is over, I'll get back in there and cull some more. It's time to be heartless since I have no desire to have 30 buckets of slips and glazes, nor would I have room even if I wanted them.

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