Monday, June 03, 2013

Liquid wrench and woman power solved the frozen burner shutters

It took hours yesterday, but thanks to a couple of applications of liquid wrench that friend Shane Mickey (master kiln builder and all around great guy), recommended, and a cold chisel and hammer, I got the burner shutters on the Olympic kiln unfrozen. My biggest wrench and the new biggest needle nose vise grip the local hardware store had, were just not big enough to do the job; but my ancient little cold chisel came through once again! 

First thing this morning I emptied the tiny test kiln and did my hand watering. Between us, we had three doctors appointments today, the first at 7:30 this morning with gaps between a couple. So we drove to Ashland for breakfast where Jim without any guilt, indulged in some Eggs Benedict. He smiled through the entire meal, so no words of praise were really necessary, but I did hear "Oh God, these are soo good" more than once.

After breakfast I did some pick up grocery shopping,then stopped at the pottery supply store to find out why the fellow hasn't been out to replace the bricks on the Skutt and picked up some cones. I was assured that I'm next on the list as soon as he gets back from Seattle. There were also a couple of stops at nurseries to find a red knockout rose, which took a few stops this time of year; but I got a small one which was on sale half price, so that paid for all the gas I've used searching for this rose.

After the last appointment we drove home, picked up our little furry kid, our Jack Russell Bodhi and headed out to our sons place to check the watering which is still screwed up, so I turned off a couple of the beds that were flooding because the timers are not turning off, and then planted some more pole beans, pulled a few weeds and harvested some snow peas for tonight's dinner.

It was after 4 when we got home and I got the veggies prepped for our Yaki Soba noodle dinner.  I'm definitely having cold sake with dinner tonight. The oil is heated, so I guess it's time to start stir frying.

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