Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't stop the world. I don't want to get off just yet.

It took a while but I finally found an on line supplier that carried two of the mason stains I wanted to buy - pea green and buttercup yellow. By the time those arrive, my house guests will have headed home and I will get down to serious work. Our son and family will be up for the summer next weekend and they will be taking care of their garden, freeing up more studio time for me.

Yesterday I planted the last beans and eggplant for them,did some hand watering, harvested their peas and did some weeding.  That takes a couple of hours out of my day, and my own garden chores steal another hour or so a day. Lunch out, some grocery shopping, shopping for some herbs and a container for them, then planting the container when I go home pretty much took up the afternoon. With prepping meals and household chores, it doesn't leave me a lot of studio time lately; and my lower energy at 73 just doesn't make late night studio hours reasonable any more. I still miss the good old days when I could work till late in the evening, using the  Tonight show's theme music as my signal to call it a day. The strange thing is that I feel frustrated and a bit guilty about it, which I know is really silly.  I should just gracefully accept the limitations of this body and my age; but instead,  I try to alleviate the guilt by spending after dinner time sketching pots, working on my notes, revamping glaze recipes, etc.etc..

After today's usual morning chores, I'll be heading out for a Costco run, then back home to spend a couple of hours making pate for our friends who arrive Friday.  

The surgeon scheduled me for an upper G.I. series tomorrow morning to find out how bad this hernia is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a hiatal hernia which is an easier surgical procedure and not the more complex one. It's always something. That's life in this crazy and wonderful reality called third dimension; but I'm not ready to scream out "Stop the World I Want to Get Off!".



  1. Best of luck with the hernia.

  2. I turned on the TV to find something mellow to watch while I had my morning coffee. And there was uncle Jim and sale of the century! So I spent some time with him this morning. :)

  3. Lol. Yours is better but ill take what I can get.