Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finally the last underglaze test

These are the last of the under glaze tests. I got a great deal on these Duncan under glazes on ebay a while back and didn't realized that I hadn't tested them. So now, with this last tile done, I have a large color palette to play with between these and the Amaco Lug and Velvets.

Not much time for the studio after the soda firing other than to clean shelves, sand pots, get the kiln covered, and do another C04 firing of a couple of small tests pots in the tiny test kiln, along with the last slip tests. I'm really happy with my clear glaze.  It was nice to see it on a pot and not just a test tile.

Hopefully our water pressure will get repaired tomorrow and I won't have to spend all this time hand watering . I only have a couple more annuals to plant, but that too will have to wait for another morning. Today I have a meeting with the surgeon and get some information on my choices to fix this huge hernia that has caused this acute  gastritis that I've had for well over a year.

I'm hoping to squeeze in some studio time by mid afternoon. Even though there hasn't been much physical time in the studio, I have been doing a lot of sketching of pot and decorating ideas. Today I want to decorate and glaze a couple more pots and fire them in that tiny test kiln tomorrow or whenever they dry. I also need to continue sorting through all the slip test and pull out the yellow I want and get that batched. I figure I'll only make small batches of a couple of others that I can brush on. I like the look of the red clay coming through, like a blush, when the slip is brushed rather than dipped on some pieces. The stains seems to create a very flat look on some of the slips which I don't fine too appealing, at least not on the test tiles.


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