Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blessed rain buys time

A couple of rainy spells have freed up a couple of hours each day. Our daughter-in-law and the grand children arrive tomorrow, so she will be taking care of their veggie garden for the next couple of months. With house guests gone and the rain yesterday and this morning as well, I was able to get studio time to decorate these pots and put more things away, and will be in the studio right after breakfast for a change.

Dinner prep called, so I put off glazing those few till this morning. The mug leak test passed fine. That's always a concern with these earthenware bodies which have a high absorption rate; but it looks like my clear glaze is doing a good job. I'll still going to put terra sign on the pots without a raised foot.

Time for scrambled eggs and croissants - potters fuel.


  1. I think your new direction with pottery is great! I love earthenware.
    Now all those weeks of testing are paying off. Hope the hernia situation works out ok, those things seem to run on my mom's side of the fmily, my grndfather, mom, and all uncles have had them. I'm just waiting for my day to get here!

  2. Thanks Tracey. I'm still dealing with the technical stuff and finding what I can and can't do with the under glazes and my clear glaze. I need to plan the forms better. I'm so used to slipping and wadding soda/salt pots and I didn't think through that I'd be glazing and I need to re-do some of my design considerations or else I'll have pots sticking to the kiln shelves.
    There are 4 more pots in the tiny test kiln and some of the glaze is going right to the foot because I had to cover the white slip which I unfortunately put too low. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't move and become one with the shelf. Maybe I can wad them if needed in the future. Now that's a thought. :-)

  3. Stupid, totally off-topic question, but one I have to get off my chest:

    Are you, by any chance, related to game show host Jim Perry?

    Again, my apologies.

  4. Yes, Ben - he's my husband. No apology necessary.

  5. That's awesome!
    (Also, this is Ben- too busy/lazy to sign in right now.)

  6. I tried sending an e-mail to ShambhalaPottery(at)frontier(dot)com, but it got bounced. Is there an alternate way to contact you via e-mail?

  7. That's my old email. For some reason, they won't let me change it. Use

  8. I know the colors will change when you fire them but I REALLY like how they look right now.