Thursday, May 02, 2013

Unloaded the tiny test kiln at 6:30 this morning and see some real possibilities, especially on the greens. Some of the flat tiles are just new under glazes that will need glazing and firing. Unfortunately two tiles - a flat one that was leaning against a post decided to become at one with one of the standing tiles. At least I can see glimpses of all the colors so it's not all lost, but I will redo those tiles.

After that job it was time to take my seedlings outside for the last time, do my hand watering, and then make breakfast.  A lot is blooming in the garden - clematis, snapdragons and other annuals, roses, bleeding hearts, perennial geraniums and more. I even picked my first strawberry yesterday. There's no room for a decent bed, but I did buy a few plants and have them in a big bucket. May and June seem to be the most wonderful time in the garden.

I didn't get any of the gas kiln work done yesterday, but by 3 o'clock and a busy day of firing the little kiln, measuring and cutting the stainless steel for the wind break for the Olympic kiln, and dealing still yet, with the watering problem,  planting some of the shade annuals, and some other uninteresting garden chores, the work day flew by and it was time to start on the rest of the dinner prep.

Yesterday I discovered that thin stainless steel cuts real easily with a tin snip; but it also cuts flesh even quicker. A short interruption to clean, medicate, and bandage a couple of shallow, but messy cuts, and that job was done. There's still the rust to remove off those panels, but that can wait for another day.

Since it's going to be in the high 80's today and the next few days, I've decided to put off the gas firing, probably till next week when it will be dropping down to the  high 70's and low 80's. Instead, I'm making this a planting day, because I'm so tired of carting these seedlings in and out every day. The night time temperatures are high enough now and with the  heavy duty remay covering the tender veggies and herbs will be nice and cozy.

It's already in the 60's, so I'm going to get my planting chart out and get moving before it gets too hot. Looks like it's going to be another beautiful and productive day!

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