Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ken Matsuzaki

Here's a nice little promo of an upcoming show of Ken Matsuzaki's new work. He only fires his wood kiln twice a year, and from this promo, it looks like so more impressive work will be on display at his June show at Goldmark.

For me, it's been a week of great family time. Our son and his family flew up Thursday and left Monday and Jim's sister and brother in law arrived Saturday and left today. I miss them all already.

It's been a great week of eating in and out, porch sitting last night with margaritas, my pate and our sons amazing wild boar sausage and a selection of raw veggies to dip, escargot, and indulgent toffee candy and kettle corn.

I managed to get a bit of garden shopping and gardening time in for my daughter in law today and got 13 more tomato cages set up in her garden and planted some veggie starts and pole beans. She did a huge amount of planting Sunday and Monday and the beds are full now until the garlic is ready to harvest and the spinach is done. Then I can plant the bush beans.

When I got back from plant shopping and gardening at their place, I had to do some of my own garden chores. By then it was time for dinner, followed by doing absolutely nothing but some computer time.

I'll try to get a bit of studio time tomorrow before Jim comes back from the dentist and we head back over to our sons place so I can check on a possible watering problem that reared it's head today and maybe move a couple of things. Fortunately I have a leftover pate and margarita mix, cheeses and boar sausage, so we're going to do a leftover porch sitting for the two of us. I'll go back on my diet Thursday. 

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  1. porch sitting - one of my favorite leisure activities, enjoy!