Friday, May 03, 2013

Peter Pugger finally enroute after a few delays

Enjoyed a quiet, retirement like early morning after a long, hard day in the garden, planting 12 tomato plants and other veggies, digging up and moving others and general cleanup and hand watering; and it's still not done. After breakfast we took a drive around the neighborhood to check out the yearly neighborhood garage sale; and of course I found some irises to plant, and the seller kindly or not, gave me a free strawberry plant - like I don't have enough things still left to plant!  My other little treasure was a really old hand held wooden roller, perfect for slab work. It fits great in the hand and was a great deal for seventy five cents. I gave the guy a dollar.

Yesterday I picked our first carrots and radishes. We still have more spinach and lettuce to harvest - maybe a bit too heavy on the lettuce unless we want to be making salad three times a day. Bet you can't guess what I'm making for dinner tonight. :-) Throw in some hard boiled egg wedges, tuna fish, black olives, cooked green beans, boiled potatoes. and we'll be munching on a Nicoise salad - perfect for this hot weather.

They finally shipped out my pug mill yesterday and Fed Ex tracking shows that it left Sacramento very early this morning. It was supposed to have been shipped last Friday, then changed to Tuesday, and changed again. Seems shipment on their current batch of orders was held up because they were waiting for the new manuals.
For now it's time to change into work clothes, make some lunch, get a few hours of sit down studio chores to rest this very achy hip. I want to update my notes after the last test firing and then line all the tests I've been doing and pick out the best of the bunch and those that need a bit more tweaking and store the rest. Reorganization in a small studio space seems like a never ending chore.

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