Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hang in there

Here's my latest space saving idea - a 5/8 piece of plywood suspended with chain from a previously installed ceiling storage unit. I just needed something for bulky, not too heavy items. It suspends over my slab roller and I can easily access everything. It's the most economical easy thing I could think of to store a lot of these things and free up more space on my heavy metal storage unit.

I also got a bit of decorating time in between garden and other work.  Decorating with these under glazes is taking a lot of time. I tried the foam stamps that I've had for 36 years, but they didn't make a clean imprint. I still had to use a small brush to even out the under glaze, even though I had brushed it on to the stamp evenly. The other stamp I tried was pieces of some commercial stamps. Those had the same problem, but I think worked a hair better. Looks like I'll have to practice some brushwork if I want to get some of those simple designs and maybe use oxide washes with the sponges on top of the clear glaze. That's how I used those stamps years ago for my high fired reduction work.

We didn't get out to the store to find a replacement for my corrupt, stand along hard drive, so we'll be doing that right after breakfast. It's raining this morning so the other half of my fertilizing job will have to wait till later or another day.

Studio time today will be glazing the bisqued slip tests I unloaded this morning and decorating  a few more pots.  I promised Jim a crab cake dinner, and that will cap off the work day other than hitting my ever so slowly, diminishing paper piles.

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