Friday, May 24, 2013

Coming down to the house guests wire

The house and back yard are almost ready for our house guests. There's a bit more to do, but I promised our daughter in law that I'd come and help her plant this afternoon, so I have a box of vegetable seeds and some organic tomato fertilizer ready to go. I delivered all the veggie and herb starters yesterday and she's going to do some of the clean up of her raised beds before I get there.

This week has been dedicated t house and garden work and doctors visits. I finally, after a year, found a family practitioner - an internist. He's young which I appreciate. At my age, I don't want a doctor who I might outlive. His credentials are amazing, so I will listen to him even though I'm not looking forward to all the tests he's scheduled. So if you hear any screaming coming from Southern Oregon, I'll be getting my first mammogram in years. Then I have to have a bone density test since some medication I'm taking could make the osteoporosis worse. There are others including a meeting with the surgeon to deal with this record breaking hernia I have. Guess my body didn't like lifting all those 50 and 100 lb bags of raw materials the last four decades or so.

Time to water my last few, un-planted  annuals and herbs and do some last minute tidying.


  1. Ouch - as a man I've never had to suffer the indignity of a "boobsquash" as a Dutch friend of mine describes it. Regardless of the hernia, lifting all that clay should have helped with the bone density though - any load bearing exercise helps there, so it's all a bit swings and roundabouts I reckon.

  2. I'm hoping that lifting, wedging and throwing plus the garden work are going to be reflected in the bone scan. Unfortunately, the medication I've been on for over a year thins the bones. I'm hoping surgery to repair the hernia will solve the problem it's caused - acute gastritis and I'll be able to stop taking those medications. One can only hope.