Monday, May 20, 2013

The Color of Purple

This year I changed the color in these wall baskets. The purple certainly pops more than lasts years, lighter pink. The heat spell got everything growing at a rapid rate. Tonight we're going back to a cold spell for several days. This seesaw weather is definitely a challenge everywhere this year.

This is what I've been doing the past few days - planting, weeding, cooking, computer and paper work and getting the house ready for house guest arrival at the end of the week.

The clematis on the right is one of 3that I planted last summer and they are doing great. I was concerned about them because of the water holding quality of our pure clay soil; but the mushroom compost I added, plus the minerals of all that clay seems to be making them very happy. The other two are even lusher and taller than this one.

The sourdough starter I fed this morning is now well activated, so it's time to get my nutty fruity bread started. Then I'll be off to plant the last few annuals, before coming in for lunch and then making pizza dough for dinner. Needless to say,  studio time will probably just have to wait till guests leave next week.


  1. For some reason, I seem to only have purple flowers in the yard, they go well with our dark brown house just as they go with your fence. I love purple flowers!

    1. Same here Tracey - purples and pinks are the main colors in all my pots. I have one potted climbing rose that is a lovely yellow for contrast and a few pots have some white clematis or trailing lobelia for contrast.

  2. The colors of the flower baskets are perfect against the wall. I grow a majority of purple, blue and pink flowers (with some white thrown in) because I am drawn to them.

    What kind of bread are you making? I hope you'll keep us updated. I've been having a lot of fun with slow rise yeast breads this year.

  3. The purple and pinks are my favorites as well. I throw in a little bit of white and yellow, particularly in my shade pots.

    I made Nutty fruity breakfast bread. You can get the recipe at the King Arthur flour website. It's my husband's favorite morning bread. I baked it in a stone like, elongated, covered container and it does a great job. In fact, I want to try to bake a sourdough loaf one of these days. Summer doesn't give me much time to try new breads; but fall and winter will. I have a couple of new, good, artisan cookbooks that I need to start using.

  4. King very most favorite flour! You might enjoy if you haven't already visited it.

  5. Thanks, I'll check it out.