Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Jim thought one Mother's day bouquet wasn't enough so he brought home two, so I thought I'd share my bit overstuffed arrangement in this lovely Robin Hopper pitcher. Hope all you mothers out there are having a deservedly, fabulous day. 

Other than plant watering and paper work I'm taking the day off. I was in the studio around 3am because I had one of those two plus hours of wide awake time and decided to get in the studio and cut off the test tiles I threw after dinner and get them trimmed and under plastic. After some email I crawled back into bed a bit after 4am and blessedly got two more hours sleep; but I'm still dragging.

Our kids had very busy day yesterday but managed to call early this morning which is always sweet. Erin was performing last night and while I was up between 2 and 4am, not out of choice, she was on stage in Munich Germany. Sean and our daughter-in-law Nicole had a full day of working at the grand children's school fundraiser which Nicole was in charge of.  It was months of hard work and there was a lot of celebration last night with a lot of good wines, so the early calls were very appreciated.

This self appointed vegging out day is a good opportunity to tackle some of my paper piles which seem to grow every time I turn my back.

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