Monday, May 06, 2013

Plugmill has arrived

My Peter Pugger was delivered half an hour ago and I got the smaller box unpacked and took what I could out of the larger one; but there's no way I can even slide this out on my own. I did try.

Jim called our handyman and he'll be here as soon as he can find someone to help him get this machine out of the box and on to the table. Meantime I'll read the manual before I get to other things.

This morning I busied myself with  unglamorous household and garden chores; and the rest of the day is going to be designated to sit down jobs. Three hours yesterday on those hard Costco, Lowe's hardware and nursery concrete floors, then another couple of hours unpacking the car and planting a lot of the perennials and annuals I bought, was enough to do in this cranky hip.

All that activity, then a double margarita to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, added up to a great night's sleep.  I was out cold by 8 pm and didn't get up till 6am which is amazing, since 6 hrs of sleep is my norm.

Time to see if I can make sense of this pugmill manual, redo my veggie garden plot plans, and sgraffito a couple of pots - all good sit down jobs geared to quiet down this cranky hip.


  1. Hi June, Congrats on your new pugmill. I have one just like it, only stainless steel. If you ever have any questions, I'm happy to help :)
    ~ Cindy

  2. I do have one question. Do you know if the machine arrived oiled? It says you have to do it once a year, but it doesn't list that as one of the things you need to do when you get it set up.

    Initially, I was going to get the stainless, but since I'm currently doing earthenware, and probably will never do porcelain again and if I did it would only be for a few special pieces and not as a regular body of work. They suggested that I not go to the extra expense of the Stainless which I appreciated. They said I could use this one for porcelain as long as I didn't let it sit in the machine for any length of time.

    It may be a few days before my handyman can find someone to help him move it to my table. I will take you up on your offer if I run into any problems. Thanks again!

  3. Hi June, We didn't oil it when it came new. It will definately take two stong guys to move it. Your table needs to be a strong one. My husband ended up making me a special table with a steel frame and legs.

  4. Thanks Cindy! My table is a pretty heavy metal one, with heavy metal legs, so I think it should work. If not, I can have the handyman build me something more suitable. My old Bluebird Powerstar sat on a heavy wooden table I had made for it; but it was too bring to bring to this new smaller studio. Thanks again!