Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Peter Pugger is finally out of the box, and  looking pretty fine on my very ancient, but heavy, metal table. George the handyman and a buddy had it out of the box n a couple of seconds. George also put the feet on it for me, which required tilting it. No way I could have done that myself. Now I have to see if I can figure out the instructions and finish assembling it.

Since I had to get to the store a while ago to get more stakes for the tomatoes and a few other garden supplies, we decided to have breakfast out. I had no Internet access this morning and couldn't reach my provider, and I needed to see if the problem was mine or theirs. By the time we got to the restaurant, I was able to get my email using their wi-fi; but I still didn't know if it was their problem fixed, or still a problem on my end.  Just in case it was on my end, I bought a new ethernet cable. Turns out it was their problem, but I now had a backup cable, which is probably not a bad idea.

All the tomato stakes are now installed, but are looking a little strange so close together in this new venture into square foot gardening.

Time now to head to the studio to get better acquainted with Peter Pugger.

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