Saturday, May 04, 2013

Timing and pacing

Here's a photo I took this morning when I went out to cut the lettuce for tonight's dinner. I planted this and two other clematis last summer. This heavy clay soil with bad drainage didn't bode well for them, but so far they're all doing well.

This time of year I'm much more aware of timing and pacing my day. In this hot weather, garden time becomes an early, mid  and maybe late morning and very late afternoon affair. Before breakfast I do some dinner prep, then move the last of the seedlings outdoors when temp are in high 40's, make breakfast, then back to the garden to do more hand watering and planting, then studio time before lunch, or lunch if I stayed in the garden too long. And on and on it goes - flip flopping back and forth between chores, allowing short rest breaks for email and other on line chores, and all according to weather and personal energy.
Not much got planted yesterday because it was too hot by the time we got back from the neighborhood garage sale; but I did feed all my root veggies and plant some annuals and get those watered in. Then I headed for the studio and glazed a couple of test tiles and got a couple more slips mixed, on to test tiles, re-loaded the tiny test kiln and did my followup notes from the last test firing. Today I need to make one more test that will fill that little kiln to the max.

Yesterday afternoon, Jim suggested dinner out, and since I stayed in the studio longer than planned,  I thought dinner out was a great idea, so I skipped the Nicoise  salad and we'll have that tonight. Instead, we opted for an early Cinco de Maya celebration at our local Mexican restaurant.

A small order of buckets and pint jars arrived yesterday from U.S. Plastics, and I need to get that unpacked and fill the jars with some of my stains and get those labeled; and get that last test made, dipped and into the kiln.

FedEx says my Peter Pugger is now in Oregon, but delivery is not scheduled till Monday. FedEx certainly has some interesting routing  which makes what would be a straight 5 hour drive from where they picked it up to our house, to a 5 day trip. I'm sure they have a reason for all that up down and around road time,  but I'm clueless as to what it is. LOL

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