Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Busy morning busy day ahead

Turned the little test kiln on at 6am, had a cup of tea and then made scones and got potatoes on for tonight's potato salad, which I'll make after I shower.

I luckily found a couple of pieces of thin stainless steel at our local scrap metal place yesterday - one of our many stops during our all day shopping. Two sheets, which is all I need to make the wind guard for the little gas kiln, were only $4.80, and one cut on each will make them the perfect size. They're a bit rusty on the edges after living outside with rain sitting on them, so I'll be getting some sandpaper or steel wool out to clean them up a bit.

So, after the potato salad is made, I'll be heading to the studio to cut those with my tin snips and clean them up. Then I'll light the small Olympic gas kiln to make sure all is well after sitting out all winter. If it's OK, I'll load it and fire it tomorrow  and only if I'm up to it after today's firing. This bad hip is sore from all that walking and standing on hard floors yesterday, so I'm giving myself the option of a day of sit down chores tomorrow if it doesn't quiet down. Either way, life is good and all will get done in good time. It's taken me over 70 years to reach this level of patience and I'm actually enjoying the fact that I don't angst over timing of these things any more.


  1. The scones look delicious. (I have bread rising as I write this.)

    Like you, it has taken me a long time to learn patience. Hope the firings go well.

  2. They were delicious. And the best part is that we only ate 3 and the rest are in the freezer for other mornings.

    What kind of bread did you make?