Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring is busting out all over.

Spring is busting out all over - trees flowering, the leaves on my Japanese maples are opening and there are already flower buds on my clematis vines.

Been moving at snails pace the past two days. We're both dealing with infectious colds and probably allergies as well, and the blahs that go with it all.

Yesterday morning I downloaded the Linda Arbuckle video which I really enjoyed. She's a very good teacher and even though I probably won't be doing majolica, I was very interested in some of the techniques, design considerations, brush choices, etc.

I got a tiny bit of studio time yesterday just to label some things and make some lists; but had to cut that short because my only grow light stopped working and I had to deal with that. The rest of my day was  cooking, animal care, getting my seedlings in and out and watered, doing email, computer cleanup,some sketching and taking fist fulls of vitamins and some oscillococcinum.

This morning was more of the same - getting a second grow light set up, moving the larger seedlings outdoors, breakfast, shower, email and trying to get my wireless keyboard to work which has been an on again, off again, as it seems to be slowly dying like this Dell laptop. My son-in-law suggested I looked in Asus, so I'm going to check that soon.

Since it's going to be 77 degrees today, when Jim gets back from a meeting with our insurance man, he suggested lunch out (good idea), so off we'll go to the Thai restaurant, followed by a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for the faro salad I want to make tonight, and then a stop at our sons ranch to pick up the jacket I left there Sunday, and to cut whatever asparagus are ready.

If time allows, and I'm up to it when we get home, I have a couple of small things to plant. A fragrant double blooming hosta that I bought on ebay has to be potted as well. Then it will be time for dinner prep and then get back to doing my couch potato imitation after dinner, to do email, and computer filing and cleanup.

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