Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can you tell the difference

Can you tell which of these have the light yellow slip and which ones have the plain white slip? Neither can I, even after putting a whole small bottle of yellow food dye in the buckets. 

The plant nursery, aka the meditation room/office, is now closed. All seedlings are fed, watered and hardening off outdoors.

Morning chores are done,, so now I'm heading to the studio with my "to do" list. First thing on the agenda is cleaning up some of these pots that I slipped yesterday, maybe slipping some of the interiors, and doing some sgraffito.

Jim said I deserve a break and he's offered to get some Chinese takeout so I'll  get some good afternoon studio time. Life is good.


  1. Maybe I just needed to use a larger bottle of the yellow.

  2. i have added green to wax resist, FetishGhost is probably right about using green

  3. I'll save the green for the wax and a green slip; but since I'm hoping to have a few colored slips, I'd like to find a way to color those that need it. I'm going to get a larger bottle of yellow food coloring and see if a larger amount does the trick. Otherwise, I'll just have to find another way to identify them when the slip has dried and before it's fired.