Monday, April 08, 2013

Earthenware eye candy

 Here are a couple of earthenware yunomis. The first one is Campbell Hagan and the second is Clary Illian,  and third one down is Diane Kenny

Slept late because I was up till midnight  with computer chores. I finally figured out, up to a point how to get this Justcloud on line file saving to work, and was able to get some of my documents into a Sync folder which is on both my laptops, and worked all that time transferring some of my documents. The Sync folder only has limited file saving, so this is going to be a long, tedious every night process.

Now that seedlings are watered, email done, people and critters fed, and yesterdays few pots uncovered,   the studio  should be warm enough for human occupancy. Last night I got two pugs of clay watered down by slicing and dipping and hopefully the clay will be  a lot easier to wedge and throw with these arthritic bones. If I was twenty years younger that freshly purchased clay would still have been too hard to use.

Why did I sell my clay mixer and pugmill. :-(

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