Monday, April 22, 2013

Honoring Earth Day

It was a morning to feed all my seedlings with fish fertilizer, make breakfast, do email and start transferring documents and music from my stand alone hard drive to my other laptop. I thought I could just leave it doing it's job but suddenly realized with the first message on screen telling me I already have that file and asking if I still want to add it. So it looks like I will need to be here to manually deal with this.

Oh Lord, the whole process just stopped and the new folder where I've been pasting these for the past hour is empty. AARGH!

Time to head to my closet and find a short sleeved green shirt in honor of earth day, and head to the studio. It's more like an early summer day and would be lovely to sit by the river and cast a few. But I have pots that need to be slipped. Our son is treating me to a fishing trip with him and a guide Saturday, so I shouldn't even be vaguely bemoaning my having to choose studio time over fishing on this glorious day.

I'll tackle this computer mess after dinner tonight, if I can resist hitting the thing with a sledge hammer!

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