Thursday, April 25, 2013

Potters of the US video

Here's a bit of pottery nostalgia. Enjoy! PS: if the embedded code doesn't take you to the video, just copy and paste this url to access it:

After yesterday's busy day, it was no surprise that I was asleep early enough to be wide awake around 4am this morning. So I headed to the studio to turn on the tiny test kiln to fire new slip tests and found that I hadn't covered the ring of clay I threw for test tiles yesterday and learned something new!

They were as leather hard as you can get with the top of the ring starting to show the beginning of bone dryness. I cut through with my fettling knife figuring that I'd cut them all then wire cut them off the bat; but at that stage of dryness, they just popped off the bat, nice and clean. Who knew! After 38 years or so of potting I once again, learned something new.

Today's studio plan is just to fire the little test kiln which I have to do manually, and do a little organizing. I still have one big rubbermaid container full of small items that I have to go through and see find places for or put them aside to give away or sell. Then I need to go through all the recent glaze and slip tests and see if I want to do any more followup testing.

For now, I need to update some of my test notes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this video of 'times gone past' with clay. Watching it brought a tear to my eye. Pure nostalgia!